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A Day for Anything… And Everything

A Day for Anything… And Everything

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Get ready everyone – National Cheese Doodle Day is just around the corner! Oh, you didn’t know that was a nationally celebrated holiday? Well, it is, along with every other holiday you could possibly imagine.

Some might argue the number of national and international holidays that have come to be is a little excessive. After all, do we really need a recognized day for every type of food? You name it, the holiday list goes on. While, to some extent, it does seem slightly unnecessary to have a day for everything under the sun, some might argue these holidays provide an opportunity for individuals to share passions and for businesses to thrive through the celebration of their (ever-so-specific) areas of interest and expertise. For example, by way of social media, users have the opportunity to share things they love, which they might not have shared otherwise, due to a trending holiday. Additionally, businesses with a niche topic might have the opportunity to utilize social media to further expose their brand through a trending, out of the ordinary, event.

And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want a day specifically dedicated to celebrating pandas?

Haven’t convinced you to hop on the holiday bandwagon yet? That’s okay, but wouldn’t it be a shame to miss National Oreo Cookie Day? (Don’t worry, you haven’t yet, it’s TODAY!).

Check this site out and maybe you’ll find some of your new favorite holidays happening throughout the year.

Posted by Victoria