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The Dark Side of Daytime Drinking

The Dark Side of Daytime Drinking

If television sitcoms have taught me anything, it’s that women who drink during the day are hilarious. Let’s consider the genre’s finest: Karen from Will & Grace, Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous, Nina Van Horn from Just Shoot Me and the mother of all daytime alcoholics — Christine Baranski, who’s played the part at least three times in somewhat-recent memory (Cybill, Mamma Mia and The Birdcage).

While these characters continuously satisfy my comedic needs, there remains a dark underbelly to the world of women and alcohol. Apparently, there’s a new fad going around college campuses called “drunkorexia,” a lifestyle in which women replace meals with liquor or forgo meals in hopes of saving calories to use on drinking later in the day. An article in Lehigh University’s student newspaper The Brown and White sheds light on this trend, tracing its roots to Duke University where undergrads strive to maintain “effortless perfection.” (As if counting Tucker Max as a graduate wasn’t nauseating enough, Duke has this strict social standard to be proud of, as well.)

Since I can’t separate real life from television, I’m having a hard time understanding what’s so bad about this phenomenon. So there’s a groundswell of martini-swilling ladies running around college campuses, most likely quipping caustically and being hilarious. Can we really consider this to be news? I think not.

Posted by Amelia