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Deadbeat Dummy

Deadbeat Dummy

Last week, the Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam reported on a third-year Boston College Law School student who, scared of the current job market and subsequent inability to get a job, offered to drop out of school by the end of the semester if his tuition was refunded in full.

Now, there’s a big WTF for you. As someone who has personally experienced both hefty college tuition rates and the pitfalls of this damned economy, I get it. It sucks. You study your ass off in high school in order to get into a good college in order to get a good job, etc. It’s ingrained in us from early on. That being said, education — at least that beyond elementary and secondary — is not mandated by the government. Either Mr. Anonymous enrolled with a gun pointed to his head, or he did so with his own free will….yeah, that’s what I thought.

No university promises students a top-paying job in their majored field of choice the minute the diploma’s in the mail. There’s no “great, you graduated, here’s a paycheck.” I hate to seem harsh, but kids, whatever happened to good old-fashioned hard work? Networking? Pounding the pavement? The effort that makes us desirable candidates for a job?

So, I urge Boston College Law School to have a chuckle at this idiot’s request ignore this student’s pleas. Clearly, he wasn’t among the school’s most promising if he thought he had any legal ground to stand on here anyway! Not to mention the complete lack of appreciation for having the means to attend law school when thousands would do anything for the opportunity.

A bit of advice for our student in question…I hear McDonald’s is always hiring.

Posted by Haley