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It’s no lie that we live in extremely turbulent times right now – politically, socially, and emotionally. We see constant news of another hurricane destroying homes, volatile rhetoric from our elected leaders, and stories detailing the devastating separation of families seeking asylum in the United States.

While all of these things make us angry, it seems like many of these problems are beyond our understanding or ability to help. Fortunately, there are people making it easier, especially those outraged by the many undocumented immigrants stuck in one of America’s detention centers. That’s why HIAS, Freedom for Immigrants, and many other non-profits are offering a way for us to connect with immigrants through pen-pal programs. According to HIAS, “volunteers will be matched with individuals in Freedom for Immigrants’ ‘Pen Pal’ database – specifically, with asylum seekers who have requested compassionate correspondence with others…”.

Detainees can also reply back, many of their responses shared online:

Image Source: HIAS

Image Source: HIAS

While so many people lose so much, the program does an amazing job of humanizing the issue of illegal immigration and what it truly means to give back.

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