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Designer Disaster

Designer Disaster

If you thought that high-end designers could do no wrong…you are, in fact, wrong. Over the years, we’ve seen many faux pas created by our favorite fashion houses and this time, it’s Prada who has failed us.

The Hairpin reports on the designer’s new Mary Jane shoe design…sounds normal, except, it has legs built in. Think the infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story, but in a real-life, wearable shoe format. You step into the Prada Mary Janes as you would a boot, giving the rather odd illusion that your legs are pasty and plastic…you know, just the look you’ve always aimed to achieve.

For $1,500 you can score a new pair of shoes AND a new pair of legs. Now if that’s not a two-pher, I don’t know what is.

Posted by Alyssa

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