Diamond (Nails) Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Everyone is looking forward to 2017 bringing about exciting changes to what was viewed by many as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. While this may not be exactlyyy what people are looking for, the newest nail trend is sure to bring some sparkle to our lives. Diamond nails have broken through as the newest trend to hit the nail scene and are expected to be huge in 2017.

The trend is an update on the so-2015 shattered glass nail trend, and #trust it is a glittery upgrade for sure. Of course the diamond trend comes from the same inventor of the shattered glass nail art, Eunkyung Park, owner of Seoul’s Unistella Salon. Below are some of the diamond nails she’s already created. Get ready for your nails to “shine bright like a diamond” in 2017.


눈부심주의보? #leddianail ?? 보석 #gemstoneonthenails

A photo posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

#diamond + #bracelet ????? #leddianail #braceletnails #gemstoneonthenails

A photo posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

내는 다이아반지없어도된다. 계안타.안춥다. ????? #diamondnail #leddiamondnail #gemstoneonthenails

A photo posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on


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