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The Odds Are in Female Favor

The Odds Are in Female Favor

Last week it was announced that famed television personality, Diane Sawyer, is leaving her place on the couch of Good Morning America and stepping up to the desk of ABC World News Tonight. After a decade of waking up to Diane, media and fans are now anticipating ending their day with another woman anchor on the nightly news.

Before the days of 24-hour cable news networks and up-to-the-minute websites, the nightly news anchor seat was the be-all, end-all of one’s television news career. It was what any budding reporter strived to achieve. Today, with the public less interested in the network newscasts thanks to the web and cable news programs, the nightly news, while still highly acclaimed, has lost some level of prestige.

Throughout the last 20 years, women have had a prominent presence in all aspects of the news. From Barbara Walters on 20/20, various female Today Show and Good Morning America hosts to cable news’ favorites, Rachel Maddow and Campbell Brown, females have made their mark on the media industry. Yet, despite the many news women who have become household names over the years, the one television spot that has been male-dominated is the network nightly/evening news anchor position. Katie Couric paved the way when she was chosen for the CBS Evening News gig in 2006, and now another woman is about to take the reigns. Will bringing another female up to the desk increase viewership or at least reignite some intrigue into the evening report?

While the buzz of Katie Couric’s hit-or-miss transition onto the desk of CBS Evening News has dissipated over time, it seems that a new conversation will soon begin to stir; who’s better, Katie or Diane? Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure – in January, 2010, two of the three evening newscasts will be anchored by women. I wonder how Brian Williams feels…

Posted by Alyssa