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Different Year, Same Dilemma

Different Year, Same Dilemma

Taking a page from lazy journalists everywhere (I hear it’s called “crowdsourcing”), I can safely say that, across the board, people either enthusiastically love or viciously hate New Year’s Eve.*  There’s absolutely no middle ground when it comes to the bacchanalian end-of-the-year celebration.

For years, I considered myself to be a huge fan of NYE – I’d organize trips to Montreal before my friends were 21, I’d track down the best open bar deals, I’d scope out the best-sounding parties, etc. Then, a few bad experiences piled up over the years (broken heels, coat check riots, overly-aggressive bartenders who demand $20 tips at an open bar) and I think I’m now firmly planted amongst the NYE haters. Without sounding tragic, I think I’m just getting too old for this shit.

Should I just man up, go out and get drunk? Or should I follow my loner, anti-social heart and hide until 2010?

*Professionally gleaned through emails, tweets and Facebook wall posts.

Posted by Amelia