Disco Lunch

Image source hindustantimes.com

Further proof that Europeans are way cooler, the latest phenomenon originating in Stockholm takes place during your lunch break…but is so much more than a trip to the cafeteria.

“Dripping with sweat and awash in disco lights,” describes how hundreds of young professionals are spending their afternoon breaks. The concept, appropriated titled “Lunch Beat” is a one-hour, alcohol-free event encouraging attendees to get down and dirty during the work day.

Inspired by “playfulness, participation and community,” the Lunch Beat Manifesto is simple: come together, dance, and go back to work.

I love you, Boston, but having only recently embraced Food Trucks and FroYo, you can’t argue that you tend to be a few years behind the trends. Here is your chance to blaze the trail for other US cities! Menino—watcha’ think???

Posted by Emily

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