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Disney Conquers Gender Roles

Disney Conquers Gender Roles

Image Source: The New Yorker

As you’ve probably heard, the sequel to Disney’s The Incredibles has finally been released after a long 14 years of waiting. Not only has the animation changed immensely since then, but the message behind the movie has as well. I had high expectations for this film, and I left the theater nothing short of impressed. I mean seriously, how can you not fall in love with baby Jack Jack?

Incredibles 2 takes the leap in addressing gender roles in our society, which seems rather odd for the world of film. Long story short, Mrs. Incredible is chosen to be in the spotlight and save the day, leaving Mr. Incredible as a stay at home dad with his three kids. At first, Mr. Incredible is shocked to hear he has not been chosen as the face of the campaign to make super heroes liked again. I mean, he is the stereotypical strong male super hero who is “supposed” to save the day, right!?

You might think gender roles is a strange topic to address in a children’s animated film, however, I encourage you to think again, because I am about to go all psychologist on you for a moment. Young kids, who are most likely to go see this film, have the most fragile developing minds. If young women constantly see females in movies as the sidekick, they start to believe that this is all they can amount to. With Mrs. Incredible in charge, they now have a kickass role model to look up to, which if you ask me is pretty awesome.

It’s 2018, people, and it is about time we start addressing gender roles and begin proving to young women that they can be leaders too. Hats off to you, Disney!

Posted by Kiley