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Dispatching Goes Digital

Dispatching Goes Digital

I have an iPhone, but I am not thrilled with the iPhone. When purchased, my phone was more than twice the price of a 3G, which boasts far superior service and functionality than my outdated device. Also, every time I enter the Mac store on Boylston to purchase an accessory I am directed online to see if “those are still available for my model.” Long story short, there is a special place in my heart for my LG flip-phone and good ol’ Verizon wireless.

All of that aside, I will admit that the applications for the iPhone are pretty incredible. Virtually popping popcorn, “pirate-izing” and “face melting” all my friends, not to mention iFart! In addition to the purely novelty applications, I was just this past week introduced to a very useful application developed by my friend’s company – TaxiMagic. The app identifies your current location, lists all local taxi providers for your choosing and dispatches your ride with the tap of the touch-screen, including real-time updates and ETA. I gave it a test-drive on Monday and happily report 100% success. All hail TaxiMagic! With your help I have eliminated inept MetroCab dispatchers from my life. I am forever grateful.

Download TaxiMagic:

Posted by Sam