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Divorce Expo?

Divorce Expo?

Image source The Week

Let me just preface this post by saying that this is the saddest thing I’ve read in a while. I already knew the marriage: divorce ratio in the United States is about 50/50, but to be celebrating divorce by throwing an expo for it? Call me an optimist, but that’s absolutely ridiculous. Yet, that’s exactly what a mother-daughter team did by throwing the first ever expo for divorcees in New York City last week, called Start Over Smart.

So what does going to a divorce expo get you? Forget the wedding cakes and flower bouquets, instead you’ll get life coaches, dating advisors, financial planners, family counselors, and hairstylists, who will all work together to give you a complete lifestyle makeover post-marriage. It’s the organizers’ way of putting a “positive face on divorce.”

I’m all for moving on and not dwelling in the past, but come on… Shouldn’t we be trying harder to keep the love alive? Or is that just my youth and lack of life experience talking? After all, at 20 years old I’ve barely even had the chance to think about my own dream wedding, let alone be an attendee at a wedding expo, and here I am being confronted with a divorce expo! While NY may have been home to the first in the US, I’m sure other creative entrepreneurs will soon follow suit across the country.

Here’s to hoping I won’t be finding myself at one of these expos 10 years from now…but at least by then I can probably find one even closer to home.

Posted by Sue