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Do Not Disturb: Why I Turned Off Push Notifications marlo marketing

Do Not Disturb: Why I Turned Off Push Notifications

Image Source: The Verge

I will be the first to admit that I am awful at responding to text messages. I am one of the guilty parties who sees a message, thinks of a response in my head, and then forgets to actually send that reply. But I wasn’t always that way. I’d get a message on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or a text and have the perfect reply sent off within minutes. However, as we have moved further into the Age of the Smartphone, it seems like everything has an app and every app has notifications. And the notifications are constant. This can be exciting for someone like me, whose career requires the use of social media, but as a self-proclaimed introvert, it can also be super exhausting.

After months of waking up to 20+ notifications and spending days with my eyes constantly glancing over at my phone every time it lit up, I decided enough was enough. I made the bold decision to turn off my push notifications. Now, instead of being pulled onto a platform by a slew of notifications, I get to choose what app I spend my time on. While I may not respond to every text or message right away, I feel less overwhelmed by my phone, and thus, happier.

Think I’m crazy? Try it out yourself and see how you feel, or check out this study done by researchers at Spanish telco Telefonic and Carnegie Mellon University in which volunteers turned off their notifications for 24 hours. Who knows – you may be able to rid yourself of unnecessary stress!

Posted by Kayla