Do Not Want: Cheeseburger Cocktail

I thought the culinary cocktail trend was going a wee bit far with the launch of meat-flavored vodkas, but a new carnivorous concoction makes smoked salmon Bloody Marys sound borderline potable. Meet The Cheeseburger Cocktail, a protein-rich drink created in honor of National Sandwich Day. A combo of rum, beef stock reduction, muddled Roma tomatoes and iceberg lettuce water, the libation is topped off with an aged cheddar cheese crisp and dill pickle.Yum…?

The cocktail’s creator, Trevor Burnett of Tipicular Fixin’s in Toronto, remarks that the drink is meant to complement other meat dishes. But of course! I know I’ve been on the hunt for a salt-laden, meaty beverage to quench my thirst after eating a salt-laden, meaty steak. Burnett seems so taken with meat/cocktail pairing that he plans to bring bacon, turkey and duck versions to the market. Turducken-tini anyone?

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