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“Do You Have That Model in MY Size?”

“Do You Have That Model in MY Size?”

Image source Sizeable

Let’s face it – most shopping happens online nowadays. Sure, it’s nice to be able to try on clothing and physically inspect the merchandise before you commit to spending the moolah, but that’s what returns are for, amiright?!

Shopping on the interwebs for clothing, for me anyway, is basically a shot in the dark. There is typically a 1 in 5 shot that I am going to be happy with the look/fit of the item. An Australian site called Sizeable aims to improve those chances a bit by having six ladies of different shapes and sizes model their merchandise. Shoppers are asked to “pick their model” (they list out the gal’s sizes and measurements) before browsing the selection of tops, pants, and dresses on the site.

Though many clothing companies are trying to make their models look more like the average woman (who, by the way, is 5’4” and a dress size of 12-14 in this country), very few are actually doing it. And even less are doing it right.

Sure, Sizeable has its flaws. For one, it only has about 20 items of clothing to purchase right now, all of which are fairly pricey. Still, they’ve got the right idea. Why aren’t more people doing this? And when is this going to happen in this country? Your move, large clothing retailers of America.

Posted by Erin D.