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Does This Look Like Workplace Discrimination?

Does This Look Like Workplace Discrimination?

The Boston Herald recently ran a front-page story about a federal investigation into the hiring practices of South Shore coffee chain Marylou’s Coffee. As a proud South Shorian and Marylou’s supporter, this doesn’t come as a shock to me. Is it really a coincidence that every single Marylou’s employee is a young, bubbly, borderline-trashy (in the best possible way, natch) girl with an affection for the tanning salon and an Elle Woods-esque appreciation for the color pink? Methinks not, but does that really mean there’s discrimination at work? Babes are just what the coffee shop attracts after all of these years of churning out Funky Fanablas and other frothy bevvies. Other than retirees (a few of which I’ve actually seen working behind the counter at Marylou’s), who else really works at a coffee shop on the South Shore? This isn’t some fancy-pants barista work; this is straight-from-the-hip flavored iced coffee topped with whipped cream. (I have it on good authority from a former employee that one of Marylou’s “secret ingredients” is powdered hot cocoa mix. Stumptown, this is not.)

So who really cares that they’re getting their iced Almond Joy (skim milk and two Splenda, please) from a ditzy chick who likes to work with a bunch of her other ditzy chick friends? Not I. And for the record, I know for a fact that Marylou’s doesn’t discriminate based on looks. Case in point: I’m 98% sure I’ve seen an Albino working behind the counter.

Posted by Amelia

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