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Dollars and Census

Dollars and Census

How much is it going to cost to count up all of us Americans?  According to ComputerWorld’s reporting of government accounting — $14 billion dollars! What a bargain!

I’m not foolish enough to suggest that this is a small task — I can barely keep track of a guest list for a party of 10 let alone tally up millions of individuals, many of whom will do anything NOT to be counted, while plenty of others can’t read the form. However, when I read, “The bureau’s decision to use paper adds up to $3 billion to the total cost of the census” and then I receive a notification letter two weeks before the actual census alerting me to the pending arrival of the actual form, I have a hard time controlling my anger and frustration. Thanks for the $1.5 billion heads-up, assholes.

In an age where gay men are able to use their iPhone to get laid within minutes, tracking the exact location of potential hookups in their vicinity, how is our oh-so-powerful government not able to come up with a cost-effective, streamlined, technology-based solution to type in names and numbers!!?

Also according to ComputerWorld, in 1790, the first U.S. census was conducted for $44,000, when the country was home to 3.9 million people. Seems to me that the price has gone up — and that’s about all that has advanced. Those in charge seem to have regressed well beyond 1790, we’re talking back to the stone age. Get with the program people — give Steve Jobs a call, bet someone on his team could figure this out!

Posted by Sam