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The Donald Trump Diet

The Donald Trump Diet

Image source: Instagram

Every January begins with an influx of gym memberships and diets that ultimately go to sh!t within the first a few weeks. Lucky for all the Americans out there, we had an extra reason to keep those resolutions – the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Whether you voted for him or not, the amount of stress that has surfaced since January 20th is unfathomable. And while some may find that stress eating is the way to go, others have found ways to channel that anxiety to get in shape and lose weight. This is the point where I’d talk about myself and my 2017 commitment to hitting and kicking bags at boxing, but this isn’t about me. This is about Lena Dunham.

As the creator and star of the hit HBO series GIRLS, Lena Dunham was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter who was vastly criticized for not leaving the country after declaring back in April 2016 at the Matrix Awards month that if Donald Trump won, she’d move to Canada. Obviously, it’s a joke, people.

But since January 20th, Dunham has lost a noticeable amount of weight (which people notice because she’s practically always naked in GIRLS) and she took to Instagram to tell us all her special secret. SPOILER ALERT: it’s kind of depressing and not so healthy.

There you have it folks! Just get super depressed with what’s going on in the world today and the fork will remove itself from your hands. It’s definitely not something I’m encouraging you to do, but apparently, it works.


Posted by Emily