Don’t Crush Your Cooch!

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With swimsuit season approaching, crowds of women are heading to the gym to lose that last little bit of winter weight before hitting the beach. And while I should probably definitely join them, a recent Yale study has given me another excuse to skip out on some old school calorie burning.

As many have experienced, a long hour on a spinning bike gives you that numb, tingly feeling in your nether regions…and now research has confirmed it could also affect your sex life. Apparently, leaning forward to rest on the handle bars while sitting on a five square inch piece of plastic puts extreme pressure on the nerve endings and blood vessels (duh!) that could possibly cause long-term damage. Talk about a motivation killer. And with previous studies showing more frequent cases of erectile dysfunction in men who cycle, it leads me to wonder in my best Carrie Bradshaw: do those who bike together, stay together?

Let me know if you see longer lines for the treadmills; I think I may have a hunch as to why….

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