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Don’t Judge a Man Until You’ve…Wrapped Your iPad in His Sweaters?

Don’t Judge a Man Until You’ve…Wrapped Your iPad in His Sweaters?

Frederick James, a new company based in Manhattan, allows you to do just that.

Talk about accidental inspiration—John Vaccaro conceived of the idea for Frederick James after leaving one of his cashmere sweaters lying around next to is iPad. Soon after, the Web designer and developer began producing a small run of iPad cases made from cashmere and other high-quality fabrics. It wasn’t until he read about the auction of items from the Bernie Madoff estate that the idea for the company really took off.

Coming home with a bounty of the Ponzi-schemer’s clothing, the first batch of cases made from a navy Dior sweater and a vest from Bergdorf Goodman sold out within a day of returning from the factory by word of mouth alone. According to the article from, one Wall Street lawyer brought five of the one-of-a-kind cases at $500 apiece to give as Christmas gifts.

Highlights from the auction were some of the over-the-top items such as Madoff’s monogrammed velvet evening slippers. Vaccaro explains that Wall Street, hedge fund and financial workers are the main market for the cases which, rightfully so, serve as trophy pieces to showcase in their offices.

If I heard of anyone re-appropriating their ex-boyfriend’s old T-shirts, I might be slightly concerned. But crafting iPad cases out of white-collar criminal threads? Genius.

Posted by Emily