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Don’t Strain on My Parade

Don’t Strain on My Parade

Image Source: Getty/Hero Images via Well + Good

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the past few months indoors staring at a screen. From work to leisure, it seems like my eyes are never not looking at a device. If I’m not on my laptop I’m on my phone or catching up on TV. Sometimes I’m guilty of have multiple devices going at the same time, switching between screens seamlessly not realizing how much of a strain I’m putting on my eyes. At the end of a long week, my eyes feel like they’re ready to fall out of my head.

While there’s no way to really escape prolonged screen time my saving grace has recently come in the form of a new pair of glasses: blue light glasses to be specific.

Basically, digital screens emit a type of ray nicknamed “blue light.” Your eyes register blue light as glare and work overtime to process it. This can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. If your eyes take in too much blue light at night it can also seriously mess with your sleep cycle.

Cue blue light glasses. These guys are not only a super cute accessory but super good for your eye health.They use coated lenses to help filter out blue light, minimizing the harsh side effects experienced when looking at screens for too long. I’ve been wearing mine for a few months and have noticed a pretty big difference compared to days that I forget to pop them on.

So go ahead — pick up a pair and see if you can save yourself from unneeded eye stress! Worst case scenario you get to wear cute non-prescription glasses without feeling like a poser ;).

Posted by Kayla