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DoorDash Launches a Virtual Dining Experience

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DoorDash Launches a Virtual Dining Experience

Image Source: DoorDash via Delish

We’ve all been living in what is being referred to as the “new normal” since March. Some aspects of this “new normal” consist of social distancing, wearing face masks when you’re out of your home, and as far as socializing, it’s all gone digital. Everyone is familiar now with a little application called Zoom. The “Zoom Boom,” as I like to call it, started out as a necessity. For companies that were required to work from home for the foreseeable future, it became the best way to connect with coworkers and clients from afar. Looking back, it’s surprising how little we took advantage of this technology before the pandemic. It wasn’t long before our calendars started filling up with non-work-related Zoom meetings – family dinners, birthday parties, bachelorettes, bridal showers, and casual wine nights. Aside from special occasions, friends who had once resigned to seeing each other once every few months or even years, were suddenly catching up on Zoom on a weekly basis. These digital hangout sessions have become a quintessential part of our “new normal.” It does make you wonder why, even post pandemic, we’d ever stop?

Staying connected with loved ones is important for our well-being (and our sanity). However, for those of us Zoom-ing on a regular basis, the view can get a bit monotonous. Why yes, that is my couch you’re seeing for the 100th time in the background. However, I’m pleased to report that you can now take your happy hours, date nights, and lunch breaks to a whole new virtual destination. Food delivery service DoorDash recently launched a program called “The Lunchroom.” The Lunchroom is full of downloadable Zoom backgrounds that instantly transport you to your favorite restaurants. They even come with playlists to really set the mood. You can digitally resume your weekly trip to Panera Bread with your best work buddy or treat your significant other to their favorite ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

Obviously, not being able to dine out has left a massive, gaping hole in all of our hearts. I know that I miss restaurants more than anything and can’t wait until I can make my first post-pandemic dinner reservation. But until it’s safe enough to meet our friends at our favorite restaurants again, why not have a little fun and recreate the experience at home?

Posted by Abby