Double Rainbow All the Way Across the Sky

Remember all those awesome YouTube videos you used to binge watch a few years ago? No? Me neither. YouTube is not a medium I generally follow closely. But on my page the other day, one of my old subscriptions popped up and led me back to my old favorite channel.

The Slow Mo Guys is a channel run by friends Gav and Dan. They record a variety of things and put them into slow motion, like waxing their legs and wiggling irises. Because you know, being idiots for the sake of being idiots. While some of the antics do look stupid, some of them end up being quite scientific and downright fascinating to watch at such a slow speed. In February 2017, they blew up a much of airbags filled with colored powder and the result are just something you have to see for yourself. Have fun going down this black hole of the internet!

Video Source YouTube

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