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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

No, I’m not talking about Double Mint Gum. During my daily “trolling the Internet for weird shit” break, I came across a health condition that’s too crazy not too share…diphallus. I’ll break it down for the etymologically-challenged: diphallus is a rare disorder in which a man can have duplicate penises. In most cases, one penis is fully formed, and I guess the other is just for decoration? But just think of all the, er, interesting possibilities with a multifunctional diphallic dude (or maybe don’t, it’s a little terrifying). A few questions come to mind: Can both peens have sex at once? Is there twice the number of internal reproductive organs/sperm? Does the guy choose a first-string thing, or do both get equal playing time? THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND!

Oddly enough, one of my best friends knows a girl whose aunt has two vaginas.  Methinks I’ve found her a new playmate…

Posted by Abby