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Drake Finds His Next Album Inspiration: Email Mishaps

Drake Finds His Next Album Inspiration: Email Mishaps

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No, this isn’t about the Sony Hack, but Jonah Hill did accidentally email his food diary to Drake. So many questions. Was it even Drake’s correct email address? What was Drake’s initial reaction upon getting the email? Will there ever be a response? How was Channing Tatum involved??

So, we actually don’t know the answer to any of the questions about Drake, but we do know how Channing Tatum snuck in there. Fitness master (he’s a God, let’s just make that clear) and BFF of Hill, Tatum, did recommend a nutritionist to Hill after filming wrapped on Hill’s new movie War Dogs. For the film, Hill had to gain a lot of weight to play the arms dealer Efraim Diveroli, and therefore decided keeping a food journal was the way to go in his attempt to take it off. Good for Jonah Hill.

However, all that positivity came to a halt on the fateful day when Hill thought he had sent the nutritionist his food for the day (yogurt, chicken, salad and whatnot #health), but received no reply. This is already looking good for a Drake song. Hill became worried. Usually the nutritionist replied, but now he was being left out to dry (Drake, this is GOLD). Hill checked to make sure he sent the email, and sure enough, instead of sending it to Dr. Whoever, he had sent it to Drake. Why did Hill have Drake’s email address? Not important. Celebrities have a network.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week, Hill revealed he had only met Drake once and, hence, is scarred for life. Click on the picture to watch the hilarious video.

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Personally, I hope Drake replies with his own questions about Hill’s food choices. “What type of yogurt? What seasoning did you use on the chicken? What salad dressing? You do know salad dressing has a surprising amount of calories, right?” It would be so like Drake to care. A girl can dream.


Posted by Elizabeth.