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Drink Yourself Skinny

Drink Yourself Skinny

For some reason, I find myself drawn to wacky diet fads (tapeworm diet, anyone?). Though I generally play the role of intrigued observer rather than active participant, I recently came across a trend I can get on board with — the beer diet. While it’s no secret that red wine promotes weight loss, I’ve never been one for purple teeth. Gotta keep these pearly whites intact! Fortunately for me and my chompers, a study from the Campaign for Real Ale (they have no vested interests, I’m sure) showed that pounding a pint of beer in lieu of two glasses of red wine every week can help you lose up to 10 pounds a year. The primary source of calories in alcoholic drinks is the alcohol itself. As beer has the lowest average alcohol content, it also has the fewest calories. Bottoms up!

In related news, a steady combo of no alcohol and regular exercise has been shown to yield the most weight loss. Sigh.

Posted by Abby