Dude Looks Like A…Dancer

Women. Man, we’re just so hard to figure out. What makes us tick? What do we want? What turns us on? Psychologist Nick Neave, of Northumbria University in Newcastle, seems to have it figured out: dance moves.

In a recent study, Neave analyzed the dance moves of nineteen men between the ages 18-35 to distinguish which types of movement attracted the most female attention. Because looks matter — obviously — each subject was filmed while dancing and then turned into an avatar so as to eliminate bias. The judges, thirty-seven young women, viewed 15-second clips of each avatar in order to determine attraction.

The results? “Good” dancers used a variety of movements in the head, neck, and torso — think John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” — and “bad” ones were stiff and repetitive — think of your good ol’ Pops. Interestingly enough, those rated with the best dance moves also proved to be the healthiest, based on blood samples analyzed by Neave’s team.

Personally, I kind of get a kick out of the awkward moves guys make when dancing. They’re better than the blitz-attack, grind-from-behind which has kept me from the dance floor since I attended a high school social at Xavarian. That being said…“Jersey Shore fist-pumping?  A scientifically proven turnoff.” Maybe Neave is onto something after all…

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