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DudeRobe In/Male Romper Out 

DudeRobe In/Male Romper Out 

Image Source: Duderobe 

2017 seems to be the year of moronic male clothing.

In May, social media blew up with jokes about male rompers. For many people, the existence of rompers for guys was mind blowing. The closest thing guys had before this was a matching pajama onesie with their significant other during the holidays. But it seems that the male romper has hit mainstream fashion, garnering a specific aesthetic that leans more toward the “I-summer-in-Europe” than the “enjoying-a-cup-of-cocoa-on-grandma’s-sofa-in-Wisconsin-and-my-wife-is-making-me-wear-this.”

But now, the DudeRobe is here. A juxtaposition with the male romper, the DudeRobe swoops in to swaddle the masculinity that the male romper may have wounded. As if to say that a regular robe was simply too feminine for guys, a designer had to tack on “dude” to reinstate masculinity. And just in case we still don’t get it, check out the video advertisement that makes it clear that “Bathrobes are too girly.”

After doing some research, my favorite article on the DudeRobe has to be from The Manual. It lays out the benefits, which include: manspreading more freely, it’s brofessional (whatever that means), it works on the dad bod, and, apparently, it’s great for the man cave.

I don’t even understand how a towel or bathrobe would be less confusing to put on than this crazy contraption. Are those shorts attached to the robe part? Is this a two-piece set or what? The kicker is that the DudeRobe doesn’t just have a belt, it has a “Double-tacked More Manly Belt.”

What’s next? To be honest, I’m not sure I really want to find out.

Posted by Sarah W.