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Dunkin’ Ditches the “Donuts”

Dunkin’ Ditches the “Donuts”

Image Source: Adweek

Dunkin’ Donuts… wait — no more donuts? Well, sort of. The coffee giant will still SELL donuts, but has officially changed its name to simply, Dunkin’. The company is seeing this change as getting on a “first name basis” with their customers. Some of you might be thinking, “So what?” Ironically, though, many Dunkin’ fans would prefer to keep things formal.

In addition to the name change, Dunkin’ plans to upgrade its mobile ordering service, offer drive thru lanes for mobile orders, and serve cold drinks from a tap. It is clear Dunkin’ is not only trying to appeal to a younger crowd of coffee drinkers, but up their game to compete with other national brands, namely Starbucks.

As long as they keep the blueberry Munchkins around, I will remain a fan, but we all handle change differently! Will the Dunkin’ community remain loyal, or has Starbucks just gained a whole new army of coffee drinkers?

Posted by Carly