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Eat At Your Own Risk

Eat At Your Own Risk

Earlier this month, a review of Ippuku in the San Francisco Chronicle drew more than a few raised eyebrows from the squeamish peanut gallery of online commenters and even made its way to the national site. It turns out that Ippuku, a Japanese restaurant located in Berkeley, serves a chicken tartare appetizer of raw chicken mixed with spices and chiles and topped with a raw quail egg. Though obviously not for the faint at heart (or stomach), chicken tartare is hardly a new concept. In a follow-up blog, the Chronicle’s restaurant critic Michael Bauer defended the dish as authentically Japanese and one that has appeared stateside as far back as 2004 when New York City’s Yakitori Totto opened.

As a relative newcomer to the meat-eating scene (I just ended a decade-long stint as a lazy vegetarian/pescetarian/sometimes-vegan), I don’t see chicken tartare making an appearance anytime soon on a plate in front of me. As it turns out, I’ve decided to pace my reentry into the meat world – pancetta on a pizza at Coppa, some bacon with breakfast at Angela’s Cafe, a little Bolognese at Stella – and consider big-ticket items like burgers and steak to still be a few weeks away. Though, I can’t help but to put the challenge out there to those hardcore Boston fanatical food braggarts who pride themselves on their Chinatown treks and offal exploits: Would YOU ever eat chicken tartare?

Posted by Amelia