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Eaten Alive

Eaten Alive

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Those two words “Eaten Alive” are enough to strike fear in the hearts of many – yours truly included – but for one, these words pose an interesting challenge that he’ll stupidly bravely try to overcome. Meet Paul Rosolie. Among his credentials he identifies himself as ‘naturalist explorer, writer, speaker’ but conveniently leaves ‘crazy person’ off his resume. Before you think I’m simply being hard on a stranger, hear me out. On December 7, Paul will don a supposedly snake-proof suit, cover himself in pig blood and then allow himself to be swallowed by an anaconda. In case you’re unfamiliar with anacondas, an adult male can grow to be 25 feet in length and weigh 550 pounds.  When it’s time for them to eat they regularly capture prey larger than them, suffocate or drown the animal and then ingest it whole. Oh and they look something like this and require approximately 11 men to wrangle it…

This would not be my idea of an experiment worth following through with but as the Huffington Post article points out, the show has already been filmed and Paul (or his double) has been active on Twitter so it’s safe to presume that he survives this terrific act of terrifying stupidity. So if you’re into this sort of thing (you weirdo) tune in on December 7 to see Paul get eaten alive and then pulled back out by his buddies by the tether attached to his suit.

Posted by Gillian