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Edible Excretions: Disgusting & Intriguing

Edible Excretions: Disgusting & Intriguing

Every now and then I browse through Time online where I always check the top entertaining stories of the day. One particular story—“Edible Excretions: Taiwan’s Toilet Restaurant”—caught my eye (and my stomach)!

At Modern Toilet, everything from the food, to the dishes, to the décor screams excretion; poop-shaped lights, toilet-shaped plates, and cups shaped like urinals. Patrons sit on a “stylish acrylic toilet” (lid down), and dine at a glass table with a sink underneath. The servers bring food atop mini toilet bowls. The popular eatery serves reasonably-priced foods ranging from curries, pasta, fried chicken, and Mongolian hot pot (similar to the Melting Pot), as well as elaborate shaved-ice desserts with grotesque names like “diarrhea with dried droppings” (chocolate), “bloody poop” (strawberry), and “green dysentery” (kiwi).

The article goes on to say that the concept is designed to make you think of “the bathroom and bathroom business.” Not sure why you’d want to—especially while you’re eating—but apparently this new “toilet” fad is all the rage in Taiwan, from the finickiest eaters (i.e., kids) to culinary gourmands. The chain theme restaurant now has seven locations throughout Taiwan, one in Hong Kong, and one set to open in Shenzhen this month. No plans set for the United States yet but, you never know…someday you too may find yourself sitting on the john in public at a Modern Toilet in New York, LA, or even Boston. So much for privacy in the bathroom!

Posted by Jillian