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Election Day

Election Day

I’m a registered democrat. I’m a woman. I’m a small business owner. And I’m voting for Charlie Baker tomorrow. Let me tell you why.

I always knew of him. Just from being a regular media consumer, I often read about him in his role as a business leader as CEO of Harvard Pilgrim. I don’t know why, but I always thought that if he ever ran for Governor, he’d be the kind of politician I’d like to support. And what I mean by that exactly, is that he would pretty much be the only politician in my entire life who I’d ever felt like I wanted to support. Strong words, I know. But I generally have nothing but disdain for politics, not even getting caught up in the hoopla of hope Obama stirred up among many previously unaffected like me. I vote, yes, but generally I vote for the lesser of two evils. Tomorrow, I’m excited to vote for someone who I truly believe can affect real change.

Why? Because he talks about the things that matter. Because I can’t imagine him doing something as clueless to the realities of most people’s lives as getting a new Caddy as priority #1 upon taking office. Because every time I’ve heard him speak, authenticity comes out of his mouth, not just broad-brush stories touting hope and other BS niceties. Because, if you asked Charlie why he was running, one of his answers would be completely self-serving: he wants to live in a state where his kids can get jobs and raise families, so he can have them be a daily part of his life. Because he gave up a pretty damn good job where he was making pretty damn good money to take on the pretty damn huge headache of running this state.

What it ultimately comes down to for me is that he’s “real.” So he’s a little policy wonkish for some of the local media. Excuse me, but don’t we want a Governor who understands the nitty gritty? So he can come across as angry/frustrated. Hell, I know I get pissed off just reading about the state of MA and how our politicians are “leading” us right off of a cliff. If my entire life for the past 18 months was spent running to change this, I’d probably come across a little angry as well. So he’s a scary “Republican.” Hey — I don’t care what label you put on someone who is fiscally responsible and socially liberal, that’s my candidate. And folks — his chosen running mate and beloved brother are both gay — we’re obviously not talking a Tea Party “family values” Sarah Palin-style whack job here!

At the first political fundraising event I ever hosted for anyone, at about this time last year, I (very) awkwardly introduced Charlie as someone I support because he “gets shit done.” Why I so fervently believe this, and have been willing to put my personal reputation on the line for this virtual stranger over the past year, asking friends for money and, even today, by posting this blog….I honestly don’t know. But I believe it to my core. I’m excited about the possibility that you might read this, not yet know who you are going to vote for, and take a chance with me on Charlie. Thank you.

Posted by Marlo