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Deal or No Deal? Depends Who’s Giving and Who’s Receiving…

Deal or No Deal? Depends Who’s Giving and Who’s Receiving…

I’m loving all of the discount email companies right now. I feel like they’re all competing against each other to be the very best out there and I’m having a blast taking advantage of all of the offers. I recently scored a $90 gift certificate to an Italian restaurant in my ‘hood for $15! I figured I could bring a couple friends, get an entrée each and split a bottle of wine and it’ll make for a nice little evening. Deals like that are flooding my inbox all the time. I know there are some businesses out there that aren’t offering deals and probably have an opinion as to why they don’t want to participate (“It cheapens the brand,” “I don’t think I’ll make any money off this,” “I’m only going to get one-time customers who will never come back,” etc.) but the consumer in me thinks these type of sites are pretty cool and I’ll continue to subscribe and see what kind of deals I can snag.

If you want to see what kind of deals are out there, be sure to sign up for ALL of the following:

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