An Entire Nation is Bullying One Woman

Ah, Corrine. Know who I’m talking about? Well, Corinne is the poor soul who the Bachelor’s producers have dubbed the villain of this season. Here she is.

Everyone should know by now that the popular ABC show is completely staged, and those that find love have done so by dumb luck. The show’s producers concoct storylines for all of America to flip out over. The media loves to write about it, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Admittedly, I have partaken in watching a handful of the TV show’s seasons since it started in 2002. It is now on the 21st season (YIKES) and the bachelor himself is an interesting prince named Nick Vile, I mean Viall.












Image Source: ABC

I watched the first two episodes, but have yet to watch the third for two reasons. One, the show is two hours long. I don’t have enough patience or time for that, especially when my bed time is at 9:30 pm and it ends at 10 pm. And two, I am extremely uncomfortable with the way the show, the women on the show, and America is treating one contestant. Yes, I mean Corinne. It doesn’t make sense to me that in a country where women are supposed to be lifting each other up and are fighting for equal pay, they’re also collectively bashing a young woman (she’s only 24!) for amusement. I don’t care if you find her annoying, that’s not enough of a reason to go along with the moronic producer’s plot and slut-shame and hate a 24 year-old-woman. Excuse me while I preach from my pedestal, but women should support and encourage one another. And that goes for you too, guys.

The thing that pushed me over the edge and has me boycotting the rest of the season is this gofundme page that fans started for Corinne’s Nanny, Raquel. I’m not saying she treats her like an angel and I don’t think it’s healthy for a 24-year-old to be dependent on a nanny, but Jesus people are you serious? Leave the woman alone and get a grip. Realize her actions and words are heavily influenced by copious amount of alcohol and television producers.


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