Ever-Evolving Emojis

In 2016, communicating via Emojis is so common it should be recognized as its own language. Not a day goes by that we don’t use them to express our happiness, sadness, consumption of excessive pizza, or to top off the perfect insta caption when we just don’t have the right words. Emojis may be a small little image on our iPhones, but the weight and meaning they carry has soared to epic proportions. I’m looking at you eggplant emoji…

They’ve become a part of our cultural fabric, for better or for worse, and Apple is recognizing how impactful the inclusion and exclusion of certain images appears to the general public. Over the course of the past couple years, Apple has implemented a series of additions to make the choices more diverse, from gender to sexual orientation and so on.

The latest newsworthy modification is that the revolver is now being replaced by a green water gun. Obviously, this change has to do with the recent string of gun violence, although Apple hasn’t officially commented on the switch up yet. Many have questioned this move by stating that the omission of the gun is going to do nothing to reduce crime and violence, while others commend the company’s sensitivity given the current national landscape.


Image source The Guardian

Overall, I applaud Apple for evolving with the hot bed issues of its time, and implementing changes that reflect its user base. While I’m not a fan of our nation’s shift towards political correctness, I think this is a move I can get behind because at the end of the day, is a revolver ever really necessary? Nope.


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