Ever Heard of a Meatball Deathstar? Well, Now You Have.

Disclaimer: if you take offense easily, do not continue reading this post. If the opposite, proceed, and don’t feel the need to thank me, I will just assume your gratitude.

There are few things in life I like more than unhealthy food and absurd YouTube videos. So when I was introduced to the Epic Meal Time cooking series on YouTube, I was overwhelmed with joy.

While it is impossible to experience the magic of Epic Meal Time without watching it, I will do my best to briefly explain. Known for concocting high-calorie meals (think in the realm of 100,000 calories) made generally out of meat products and always including an obscene amount of bacon and hard alcohol, the Epic Meal team, led by the always offensive and hilarious Harley Morenstein, has become an Internet sensation, attracting several millions of views to each video.

With meals such as Fast Food Lasagna, Chili Four Loko, and Meatball Deathstar, you can’t help but be curious. So go ahead, just watch one…you know you want to.

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