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Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

I’ve never been shy about my fantasy to lead a Friday Night Lights-esque existence. Truth be told, if I was given a second chance at life, I would grow up in Dillon, Texas, so I could don a cute cheerleading outfit and date QB1 Matt Seracen.

I’m not sure what it is, but Texas has always intrigued me. Take its mantra, for one, “Everything’s bigger in Texas;” I don’t know if this maxim refers to the size of the state (it’s second only to Alaska, but let’s be serious, Alaska doesn’t really count) or the size of its cowboys’ belt buckles, but either way, Texas is known for its “go big or go home” attitude—and the recent birth of a 16 lb. baby is no exception!

To give you some context, the average newborn is about 7.5 lbs. Measuring in at a whopping 2 feet at birth, JaMichael Brown (named after mom, Janet and dad, Michael—so creative those Texans) is setting new standards for the Lone Star State, and living up to Texas’ “larger than life” reputation. I can only imagine the Texas-sized appetite this young man is going to have—not to mention his Texas-sized diapers and doo doos.

While I can’t say my small-town Texas fantasy involves having a 16 lb. baby (it wouldn’t work with the cheerleading garb), it seems that something like this would only be possible in Texas. The Dallas Cowboys will be recruiting in no time!

Posted by Hannah