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Examining Apple’s Screen Time Tracking marlo marketing

Examining Apple’s Screen Time Tracking

Image Source: Consumer Reports

Man Repeller, the lifestyle fashion site founded by Leandra Medine, always seems to be asking the important questions lately. These range from “Men! Why Are You Wearing Beanies That Don’t Cover Your Ears?” and “What They Don’t Tell You About Wearing Pants in The Winter” to “Did You Know Britney Spears Invented Grammar?”.

Recently I saw a piece on the site about whether Apple’s recent “Screen Time” tracking actually changes behavior, or if “the numbers could simply be horrifying, and inspire nothing,” thus just making us more anxious about our phones. Is your daily screen time about to hold the same self-loathing, miserable anxiety that the number on the bathroom scale can hold? Should I be personally held responsible for the 168 daily pickups of my phone, when I get over 1,200 notifications per week? I’m too embarrassed to publicize how many hours I spent on social networking in the last seven days, which I think answers my own question.

But, another important point is how does it make sense for Apple, the inventor of the iPhone and iPad and iWatch, to tell us we’re using our devices too much? Isn’t that why they were designed the way they are? Haley Nahman, the author of the article, says “Through that lens, Apple telling us to put our phones down is not unlike an oil company telling us to carpool, or a Victoria’s Secret model telling us to love our bodies — it’s not wrong, but it’s not exactly right, either.”

While I sit here and scroll through Instagram and respond to emails and book a table for dinner next week and text my mom on my iPhone… I also worry about my screen time and dread the weekly notification that summarizes it.

Posted by Giana