Hospitality Consulting Services

Our Hospitality Consulting Services division is a stand-alone practice that specializes in insightful, creative, and practical counsel in order to assist our clients in producing distinctive and profitable hospitality ventures. We collaborate with developers, owners, operators, and internationally-acclaimed hotel brands to shape concepts, enhance infrastructure, and generate sustainable strategies to craft world-class entities.

Similar to marlo’s consumer marketing practice, our reputation for being ‘first-movers’ within the hospitality industry in providing inspiration, real-world guidance, and unparalleled on-the-ground support is second to none.

As hospitality consultants, our primary objective is to serve as an expert resource in assisting F&B entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, hotel/resort operators, and hospitality industry professionals in bringing ideas to actuality; from ‘concept to commerce’ and beyond. Our team has extensive experience in all facets of hospitality — from concept to design to staffing to operations to marketing — to ensure that your investment is sustainable and thrives within the competitive landscape.

Whether the undertaking is a new concept in its inception, a re-fresh of an existing brand within a given marketplace, or intended to position an idea for international expansion, our aim is always to work with our clients in a collaborative fashion. To be of full value, we believe in inserting ourselves into our clients’ shoes and appreciating their unique perspective before shaping any strategies. Our approach is as fundamental as: Observe. Listen. Learn. Advise.

Regardless of scope or scale of a project, the end game is to exceed expectations and nurture long-term professional relationships.

Our impressive track-record, extensive experience, and hospitality high-IQ are assets that we bring to the table, but it’s our appetite for success, unbridled creativity and ethical approach that separates us from the pack of hospitality and restaurant consulting firms. Our ability to create award-winning and gainful projects is attributable to the fact that we don’t view your hospitality investment as a project or product; we embrace it as our passion.

What We Offer

  • 20+ years of hands-on experience in both back of the house and front of the house operations
  • A dynamic team with expertise in all sectors of the hospitality continuum, ranging from independent venues, to multi-unit operations, to large-scale organizations
  • Adept in ski, golf, exclusive membership, and experiential resort settings
  • Involvement in 100+ restaurant, lounge, nightclub, hotel, and live entertainment projects
  • Projects in diverse market settings; an international team and global network
  • Demonstrated proficiencies with all operational aspects of a hospitality venture
  • Experienced in collaborating with celebrity chefs and developing/promoting in-house culinary talent
  • Acclaimed event planners; experienced in large-scale event creation and management
  • Professionals with an appreciation for the unique and proprietary ‘personality’ of each undertaking, the challenges/opportunities specific to a venue, community, and respective marketplace


  • Concept Creation | Concept Expression | Concept Evolution
  • Design | Project Consultation
  • F&B Menu Analysis | Engineering | Product Development
  • Guest Mapping | Touchpoint Strategies | Guest Experience Enhancement
  • Quality Assurance | Integrity Assessments
  • Operational Systems Reviews | SOP Audits | Best Practices Applications | Tools & Templates
  • Management Assessments | 360 Interviews | Climate & Culture Assessments
  • Service Audits | Hospitality Training | Staff Empowerment | Leadership Coaching
  • Action Plans | Countdowns