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Expired? Yeah, I’ll Probably Eat It.

Expired? Yeah, I’ll Probably Eat It.

As someone who regularly eats food that’s fallen on the floor, expiration dates don’t really impress me all that much. [Gross to some people, yes, but I’ve heard grosser. Case in point: my roommate who has eaten street pizza (a slice that has been thrown onto the street) not once, but twice]. I consider these dates more of a suggestion of “Proceed with Caution”, than an outright rule of “Do Not Eat!”

That’s why I find it highly comical that the Good Housekeeping Research Institute has put expiration dates on commonly used household products like candles, all-purpose surface spray and baking soda. Who knew that counter spray goes bad after six months? Surely, that’s preposterous—if something is packed full of cleaning chemicals, how can it expire after six months? It just doesn’t make any sense!

So I’ll stick with my old cleaning products and trust that they’ll continue do the trick well enough to allow me to continue to abide by my own personal “15 minute rule”, thank you very much.

Posted by Amelia