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Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

Image source Buzzfeed

One of the many things that make coming to work at mm/c each morning so fun is the office décor. I love looking over my desk at the crisp white furniture and colorful magazines that punctuate the space. I can only imagine the boredom and headaches so many workers of the world must battle as they sit trapped in the monotone cubicles that have come to be synonymous with the word “office.” If these paper pushers weren’t already experiencing a bad case of office envy, they’re about to be. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we are able to peek into the wild playgrounds where some folks get to spend their 9 to 5.

Would you love to arrive to work each morning and take a seat at your desk, conveniently situated beneath a picturesque waterfall? Consider a career at Davison, a Pittsburgh-based company that actually offers this seating arrangement. If you’d rather earn your salary in a space featuring not one, not two, but THREE hidden bars, maybe Pixar’s Emeryville, CA offices are more your speed.

Whatever your personal fantasy may be, these dreamy buildings are sure to inspire even the most satisfied employees to consider what they may add to their office wish lists. As such, I thought I’d throw out my top two suggestions for things to keep in mind while preparing for marlo m/c’s inevitable move because we’re close to busting at the seams…

m.library: as much as we all love tugging down those clear, publication-stuffed boxes (talk about an upper body workout!), everyone knows we’ve got enough papers to build something that would put the Library of Congress to shame.

Lu-Zone: Everyone occasionally revitalizes and refocuses by enjoying a short play date with our fuzziest coworker, so why stop there? Bring in the troops. I envision a special room full of pups on pups so we can all take a cuddly break when that afternoon lull hits. Lulus for everyone!

Not your cup of tea? What would your fantasy office contain? Dream big and let your wishes be known – the sky’s the limit!

Posted by Maddie