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Eye Spy a Trend Alert…

Eye Spy a Trend Alert…

From Gaga to the Kardashian sisters, the paparazzi has seen its share of young starlets grabbing tabloid headlines wearing dramatic eyelashes on the red-carpet this past season. Yet despite length, style or color, none compare to the show-stopping lashes designed by Ting yu Wang.

Paperself Eyelashes, inspired by the ancient Chinese art of paper-cutting, blend contemporary fashion with traditional culture. Intricately cut from black paper, they truly are wearable works of art. Available in three styles, the peonies symbolize happiness and good fortune while the peach blossoms are symbolic of love and romance. The last, horses, (pictured above) symbolize success.

The lashes come in two sizes: the smaller version is meant to uniquely accentuate the corner of the eye while the full lash creates an even more striking statement, sure to be the center of attention at any social event.

While I am not one to spend the time necessary to apply fake lashes, many women would disagree, arguing that they are an essential accessory to any fashionista’s evening ensemble. The photographs featuring Ting yu Wang’s art are stunning and I can’t imagine what they must look like in person. Would you be daring enough to wear one of Wang’s designs?

Posted by Emily