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Facebook and Narcissism, the Chicken or the Egg?

Facebook and Narcissism, the Chicken or the Egg?

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people face-down in their smartphones, tweeting, checking-in, Facebooking, texting, emailing, you name it, among company. I greatly try to avoid this, which often gets me a lecture from my long distance lover (whoops!).

The bottom line: It’s obnoxious. And now, thankfully, I have an official, clinical name I can refer to these individuals by (other than the obvious): Socially disruptive narcissists.

But who’s to blame? Is it the fault of social networking sites or is it hardwired into their insecure highly social personalities? According to The Guardian UK, a recent study in the Personality and Individual Differences journal established that Facebook indeed fuels friends’ narcissism.

In short, the number of Facebook friends you have directly correlates to how “socially disruptive” you are. Individuals with more friends were found to be more active on Facebook, constantly changing their profile picture and submitting status updates, and also characterized as more self-absorbed, vain, exhibitionistic, and willing to manipulate others. And in case you’re wondering why young adults, who appear to be everyone’s BFF, go missing, it’s because they are more likely to accept strangers’ friend requests. Go figure!

I think I’m safe from being called a socially disruptive narcissist, considering my Facebook SplashScore (aka influence) is 77 (out of infinity….). But Facebook isn’t the only one to blame for egging on our egos. In my opinion, Twitter is probably worse because of the constant need to indulge your followers about your life. It’s a good thing my 249 followers don’t care what I’m up to after hours.

Posted by Hannah
Image source Babycenter