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Facebook, I Don’t Know How To Quit You

Facebook, I Don’t Know How To Quit You

Why did you join Facebook? Did someone tell you it was a great place to meet people? How about – it’s a great place to reconnect with friends from your past. Or – it’s a great place to ruin your day/week/month/year. Wait…what?

It all begins with the status updates. Facebook has now devoted the homepage to letting you know “what’s up” with all your friends. Imagine seeing something like, “Jenny has now posted on your Ex-Boyfriend’s Wall.” So you take a look at his page and see something like this, “OMG. I could have thrown your alarm clock across the room this morning when it went off so early! All I wanted to do was stay in bed with you!!!!!” Or how about, “Your Ex-Boyfriend was just tagged in 3 photos.” The thumbnails make you cringe, and the larger versions are like daggers – full screen photos of your ex making out with some nasty at a frat party/house party/bar/club. My all time favorite is the relationship update. “Your Ex-Boyfriend and Girl-You-Hate-By-Default are now in a relationship.” Did you even know he was dating other girls? Now you do. Thanks Facebook.

Ever check out the Facebook page for “The guy you just got drinks with last night,” and then analyze all his status updates? He must be interested in this girl because he became friends with her at 7:46pm and then wrote on her wall at 7:49pm. That girl totally likes him – look at the way she’s leaning towards him in all these photos! I think he’s dating his ex again – he just became friends with her roommate and then tagged them both in 7 photos!!!

So what’s the next step? You can swear you’ll never look at your ex’s page again. Or you can vow to ignore Facebook for a few weeks. How about de-friending all these poisonous people? (Free Whoppers, anyone?) Or better yet – delete your Facebook account entirely. Whatever you decide, remember that Facebook is like crack (aka Paradise Café cookies) – you can tell yourself you don’t need it… but you’ll always be back for more.

Posted by Julie