Our Fairy “Tail” Wishes Have Come True

Every little girl’s dream at some point or another is to be a mermaid. Who wouldn’t want to live underwater, have perfect hair 24/7 and rock a seashell bra?

However, as little girls get older, reality sets in and those dreams fade in the face of trying to be a real person. But the spark never really goes away. That is why the newest trend of mermaid blankets is the best things to ever happen to your collection. A popular item on Etsy with a price tag ranging from $20 to over $100, the blanket resembles a mermaid tail that you can cozy your legs into. To complete the mermaid look, a fin closes around the toes. Perfect for staying warm as the seasons begin to change.








Image source Etsy

With these blankets, the little girl in all of us is overjoyed because we can pretend that we aren’t stuck on dry land every day. And, plus, as we know from our old friend Sebastian, “life is the bubbles” under the sea!

Posted by Charlotte. 

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