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A Fashion Illiterate’s Take on Fall Trends

A Fashion Illiterate’s Take on Fall Trends

Breaking it down for the ADD crowd, Harper’s Bazaar maps out the top five trends for fall in a handy slideshow of 42 images from the runways of New York Fashion Week*. In semi-esoteric fashion, Bazaar gives each of the trends a name — Urban Warrior, Conservative Glamour, Eccentric Ladylike, Great Outdoors and Bohemian Rhapsody. Here to break it down even further, my take on this fall’s trends:

The Urban Warrior: Pictured here, this look is 90% bad ass and 10% begging for PETA to throw a bucket of paint on you. There’s a whole lot of fur going on here.

Conservative Glamour: Very Katherine Hepburn. Lots of car coats, camel and cashmere. Not recommended for people under 5’10’’ and over 110 lbs. Clearly, this trend is very realistic for the average woman on the streets.

Eccentric Ladylike: Surprisingly, designers did NOT send models down the runway with tissues stuck up their sleeves. This look is all about mixing patterns and bulky sweaters. Think Luxe Alzheimer’s.

Great Outdoors: Lots of fur here too, but done in a Park-Avenue-princess-goes-west sort of way — paired with utilitarian parkas and Nordic prints.

Bohemian Rhapsody: This is really still a trend? Won’t Rachel Zoe (literally) die already? Stevie Nicks is the major inspiration here — lots of lace, leather and sheer blouses.

*Side note: I’m always fascinated by the inevitability that uniting trends can be found across the swath of designers; each with their own muses and aesthetic, but strangely tied together through similar trends. Is everyone drinking the same Kool-Aid?

Posted by Amelia