Fancy Pants

Image source Acquacaldadesign via Huffington Post

When I was growing up eating family dinners, I vividly remember a recurring point of contention between my parents: my dad would forget to use his napkin and wipe his hands all over the pants my mom had spent hours cleaning. Luckily for my mom, an Italian design company, Acquacalda, has recently designed a pair of picnic pants complete with a pocket for a drink, so you can eat from your crotch, wipe your hands, and have a useful pouch for a beer, without getting food and drink all over your clothes! How thoughtful of them.

I thought Italians had the upper hand when it came to style? Seriously that hanging flap may be the last place I would want extra fabric — think about the chaffing that could cause on a hot summer day (which is usually when one is picnicking!). To go off that point though, who needs a pair of pants specifically for picnics anyway? I go on one maybe once a year and expect to get a minimum of one splat of ketchup on me…I can deal with that.

Who knows what’s next?  Maybe a bra with a straw or a shirt with a fold over counter… Let’s just hope form rules over function next time.

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