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Fashion Attack!

Fashion Attack!

Image source Kobi Levi via Trend Hunter

If you like to live (or rather dress) on the edge, I think I found your new pair of shoes.

Those of you who fear sharks, need not read any further, as Kobi Levi’s patent leather creations are shaped like this beast of the sea; fully adorned with fins and the animal’s most notable feature, a big ‘ole pair of teeth. The designer, who creates innovative shoe styles (trust me, innovative is an understatement), has only made 20 pairs of these heels…but at $1,680.00, I don’t think they’re flying off the shelf unless Lady Gaga has a concert coming up.

And if shark shoes aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Kobi has created shoes resembling mallard ducks, elephants, orcas (I mean, who doesn’t love an orca?), and my personal favorite, swans. Heck, you could turn your closet into your very own zoo if you felt like investing some serious buckaroos in your footwear.

I think I’ll pass on these heels, as leopard print is about as animalistic as I get, but I now know what purchase I’m going to threaten my husband with the next time Shark Week is on 24/7 in our house.

Cue: Jaws theme song.

Posted by Alyssa