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Fashion Meets Food

Fashion Meets Food

Many moons ago, I professed my undying love for style/décor blogs, including the incredible Luxirare. Initially taken with the author’s uncanny ability to re-create haute couture pieces, it had been awhile since I’d checked out the site. After all, there are only so many hours in the day to spend trolling blogs. Filled with fashion so incredibly out of my budget it’s laughable, I put Luxirare on the back burner for a few months.

Recently, I checked the site and the author is still going strong with the whole fashion thing, but it seems like she’s upped the ante when it comes to her food posts. She does an incredible breakfast of cured tuna, potato au gratin, shaved truffles and fried quail eggs made to look like a sushi roll (pictured above). The attention to detail and photography is really amazing. Another favorite: three takes on a spicy tuna roll—done in Japanese, American, and Greek styles.

I don’t have the patience to spend eight hours constructing an elaborate meal…but I definitely appreciate the skill of someone who does.

Posted by Amelia